Life Below Water

Semirara Mining and Power Corporation (SMPC), through the Semirara MarineHatchery and Laboratory, propagates and reseeds endangered giant clams in the waters of Semirara Island.

Giant clams promote marine biodiversity as they attract corals, fishes and smaller marine biota. They also serve as shelter areas and spawning ground of other marine organisms. These large bivalves are good bioindocators, as they cannot survive in polluted waters.

As of 2017, the hatchery has spawned 122,341 pieces of giant clams from eight different species.

In partnership with National Scientist for Biological Science Dr. Angel Alcala, the Department of Energy, Bureau of Fisheries, Silliman University Angelo King Research and Environment Center (SUAKREM) and local government unit, SMPC initiated the establishment of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Brgys. Semirara, Alegria and Tinogboc.

With the creation of the MPAs, SMPC hopes to facilitate the regeneration and propagation of fish biomass for the loca 

The company plans to provide the affected fishing communities with fish aggregating devices (payaos) to encourage them to abide by the “no-take zones” without affecting their livelihood.  SMPC is also educating the local fishermen on the importance of marine biodiversity protection to gain support for the MPAs.

SMPC constructed an additional pier in Semirara Island to serve the local fishing community. The company also maintains a 25-tonner ice plant to provide over 450 local fishermen with low-cost ice to preserve their daily catch.

Sem-Calaca Power Corporation regularly participates in coastal clean-up activities in its host communities. In 2017, the company collected 130 bags of trash after the clean-up drives.